Yezmin Villarreal

A Los Angeles-based writer and video producer

For the past two years I’ve covered culture and politics for The Advocate, the national LGBT publication. I’ve written for outlets such as the Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, The Fader, Out, and Mic, among others.


These Gay Men Love Juan Gabriel So Much They Pretend to Be Him

Soon after Juan Gabriel, the Mexican singer, passed away in 2016, I interviewed two gay men who impersonate him for a mini-doc we made at The Advocate. This mini-doc screened at CineArte, the annual Latinx queer film and art festival that takes place in Los Angeles.

Byrd Baylor, the 90 Year Old Children’s Book Author Providing Humanitarian Aid for Migrants on the U.S./Mexico Border.

Byrd Baylor provided No More Deaths, the humanitarian aid organization, with land to open up a camp near the border, which the group dubbed "Byrd Camp."

Queer Latinos After Shooting: 'Mi Existir es Resistir'

A day after the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, I went to a vigil at a gay Latino nightclub to cover how it affected queer Latinos in Los Angeles.

Is America Ready for a Gay Disabled Character on TV?

Ryan O'Connell built up a cult online following after blogging for Thought Catalog throughout his twenties. He left the blogging world in New York City to pursue his dream of becoming a TV writer in Los Angeles.

O'Connell was known for being outspoken about everything in his life: dating, relationships, substance abuse, etc, but there was one secret he was afraid to tell and it wasn't until he revealed this secret that everything in his life opened up.

Arizona's Undocumented Queers are Ready for Trump

Activists in Arizona's Maricopa County celebrated the election after Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the man who pushed SB 1070 the "show me your papers" law, lost re-election. Then Donald Trump was elected.

I went to interview queer undocumented activists in Phoenix to cover how they were planning on organizing under Trump.

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